Optimise Project Duration

How can you optimise project duration to get back on track again?

There are supposed to be projects that do not go exactly according to plan. Since this happens so rarely (caution: slight understatement!) I have put together a few points to help the few unfortunate project managers whose project is affected by this to optimise and work on their project duration.

The project plan has been drawn up in detail, the people involved give their nod to the planning – and then real life happens. Employees fall ill, suppliers work imprecisely, misunderstandings work negatively on mood and motivation. The first delays occur in the work packages, the project seems to become more expensive, the target date is in danger and then you also discover the little monster “scope creep”.

How could this have happened?

There are quite a few things which could be twisted to improve this situation. In this article I aim to help you to optimise project duration for your project.


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The Critical Path Method

The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a technique for identifying the time-critical activities of a project.

These identified activities are often (rightly) given a lot of attention. Be it to guarantee the timely completion of the project or to take corrective measures in case of a delay.

So much for the theory, but how do we get there and what do we do with it?


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