Business Analysis

As business analysts, we familiarize ourselves in-depth with your business and communication processes as well as your company’s IT landscape.  For your projects or analyses, we work out solutions that will improve IT systems along with the work processes and structures involved.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end once the project requirements have been defined. We guide your project’s progress from the initial idea to the definition of the requirements, its implementation and test phase, and finally, we also ensure a seamless takeover into your live operation.

Managing the communication between the IT team and the various departments

New ideas and the changes that go hand in hand with this in a company are often connected to technology that is – or will be – used in the future. This harbors enormous potential for conflict. As business analysts, we serve as the crucial link between the department in question and technical team.

Two key factors in defusing conflict potential 

A company’s various departments are keen to launch new products, ideas and processes to acquire new customers. Or to more effectively retain existing customers over longer periods of time.

The main task of IT (the tech team), on the other hand, is to develop and operate functional and stable technical components and systems. Undeniably, frequent modifications are not conducive to stable, smooth-running systems.

Complicating matters further is the specialized terminology – or lingo – used by the various departments and the tech team. It can lead to poor communication and misunderstandings when interpreting documents.

The solution – a professional business analyst

To our understanding, effective business analysis entails, among other things, an outstanding ability to communicate, empathy, analytical thinking, as well as company and industry savvy. We avoid – or resolve – conflicts at the interface between the departments involved and the tech teams.

Our objective is invariably a good result that works for all parties involved. Our great strength lies in our extensive experience and know-how on both sides of a project. And we can be counted on to define and communicate requirements clearly and comprehensibly.

Take advantage of our comprehensive experience for your business analysis

Put your trust in our cumulative experience and the structured approach we take to successfully manage your requirements. The department involved and the tech team will thank you for it.

Feel free to contact us at any time. We will jointly consider the best course to plot going forward for you and your company by deploying a professional business analyst.