About us and about …

… CPM Hubert Hell GmbH

Based in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, Germany, we have been managing projects across the globe – in various industries and in various roles – since 2016. We welcome intercultural collaboration, communication in several languages, and the challenges and opportunities for enrichment that go hand in hand with this!

CPM – Consulting & Project Management. That may sound like a lot of theory. And we are, in fact, good at that.  But what we are most interested in is the customized implementation of all kinds of projects in collaboration with clients. While a dyed-in-the-wool methodologist may balk – at first – those who really master the rules also have the license to break them. After all, they know how – and where – this is sensibly done.

We work in a well-structured, goal-oriented and focused manner. At the same time, our approach is customized, flexible and straightforward. What’s more, we always go about our work with an upbeat, positive mood.

Our special expertise lies in the area of finance. This is where we have overseen and implemented several major projects and some smaller ones as well. We have also accumulated several years of experience in the lottery business, with some forays (soft contacts) into the gambling industry as large.

Independently of this, we are able to quickly familiarize ourselves with new areas, be it pharmaceuticals, car leasing, fleet management, cryptography – we are fearless in the face of all these areas!

… Hubert Hell

Hubert Hell - Senior Consultant - CPM Hubert Hell GmbH

As a trained banker with comprehensive experience in the financial sector, Hubert has been operating in the project environment since 1993. It is not only in purely financial projects that Hubert applies his in-depth banking knowledge and comprehensive methodological skills (project management and business analysis).

(Ex-) Certifications:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP): 2005-2024
  • Qualified Integrator and Reseller (QIR) of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC): 2020-2024

In 2024, Hubert decided to not renew the various certifications he held. To talk about his reasons for that, please feel free to drop him a line.

Professional roles as a project manager, business analyst, requirements engineer, application manager and expert team leader have allowed the former banker to develop professionally, methodically and, above all, personally. He is not easily ruffled; indeed, he is confident that there are at least two solutions for everything.

View Hubert’s high level profile.

… external support

Depending on the assignment, the expertise needed and in-house availability, we collaborate with an established network of external experts. Our clients are aware of this and always get the unflagging quality they rightly expect.

Copywriters, designers, programmers, business analysts, SEO experts, project managers – whatever expertise is needed, we match the project with the right set of skills to ensure utmost quality.