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8 Tips for Merchants: Protecting your customers’ card data

Protecting your customers’ card data, sensitive as it is, is one of the top priorities when it comes to payment processing. The new reality that Covid-19 has brought is forcing many small businesses to rethink the payment methods they had in place up to now.

Until the beginning of 2020, cash was often the main means of payment in smaller retail shops (in Germany) with plenty of foot traffic. To survive weeks-long store closures and subsequent shopping restrictions, many retailers were obliged to offer their customers online and telephone ordering options.

To help contain the spread of Covid-19, customers also increasingly resorted to contactless payments. Card-issuing institutions quickly responded to this trend by raising the maximum contactless transaction limit – without authentication – to up to € 50.00.

This article is meant for small(er) to medium-sized retailers or companies.

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